Q&A: What hotels have rooms with a view of Disneyland?

Question by Joe S: What hotels have rooms with a view of Disneyland?
Besides the hotels at Disneyland itself, which hotels have a view of the park? We are particularly interested in seeing the fireworks from our room. A balcony would be a plus. We are traveling with our daughter and just can’t afford the high rates at the Disney hotels. Any ideas?

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Answer by OC1999
One would be the Hilton Anaheim, this one is located at the Anaheim Convention Center. You would need to get a Disneyland facing(north?) room on an upper floor. Now, unfortunately this hotel can be at the same price level as the Disneyland Hotels, so there will really not be much of a cost savings. Other Motels/Hotels in the area will either not be tall enough, they don’t have rooms facing Disneyland, or they will have things blocking the view.

If you want to see the fireworks but don’t want to deal with the crowds IN the park. You can also see them very well from the Esplanade between Disneyland and California Adventure. You can also see them quite well from many parts of Downtown Disney. If you are in the park you can see them from various areas of the park, and also hear the soundtrack to the firework show.

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Are there any hotels that rent rooms to minors?

Question by Maggie Taylor: Are there any hotels that rent rooms to minors?
My friend and I are planning to go on a senior trip this summer. Neither one of us will be 18 yet. Are there any hotels that will rent rooms to 17 year olds? Or could one of our parents call the hotel to make a reservation? Thanks for the help!

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Answer by Sun ☼Shine☼
No, hotels are not going to rent to minors because they can not legally sign a contract and you have to do that to be liable for any damages done to the room. I can’t see a hotel being okay with your parents reserving the room. You may have better luck if they put the room on their credit card but even then it’s still sketchy.

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How do hotels track when rooms are cleaned?

Question by T-Bone: How do hotels track when rooms are cleaned?
When a cleaning worker cleans a hotel room how do they notify the check-in staff the room is clean. Is this real time? Is it by floor? How does it work, especially in big hotels?

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Answer by Tutto Bene
Computers, cleaning staff reports cleaned rooms to the front desk and from desk up loads info into system

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