Opinion column: Hello, new neighbor!

Opinion column: Hello, new neighbor!
As you might note in the title of this column, I'm thinking of this less as a “goodbye, Goshen County” and more as a “hello, new neighbors.” I won't be far away, and I'm sure you'll still see me around Goshen County from time to time. My stay in …
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Todd "Dammit" Kerns Talks PledgeMusic Campaign, "Hello Cruel World", and
That's exactly what Kerns has done with his acoustic solo record, Hello Cruel World. Kerns teamed up with PledgeMusic for a campaign to fund the album with some incredible prizes. In addition, 5 percent of the proceeds benefit the Muscular Dystrophy …
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Bye Bye Bling, Hello Avant-garde
2012 has been all about love, love and more love. Thanks to all the love I got from people, we added a heart to our branding this year. It became a permanent feature of Pero clothing. So with every piece of our clothing, people will receive a piece of …
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Iran Launches 'Mehr,' Its Own YouTube-Like Video Hub | News & Opinion

Iran Launches 'Mehr,' Its Own YouTube-Like Video Hub | News & Opinion
Iran has blocked YouTube since mid-2009, a fallout from the 2009 presidential elections that led to incumbent president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad winning approximately 62 percent of the vote – a figure heavily disputed by a number of protesting Iranians …
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Will the Redesigned YouTube Hurt Retailers That Use It?
Google recently unveiled a redesigned YouTube with a cleaner look and more features for users to discover and watch videos. Its motivation is obvious — keep viewers coming back for more on a regular basis and preferably keep them there for a longer …
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