What is the main plotline of Hello Dolly the musical?

Question by Drama Queen: What is the main plotline of Hello Dolly the musical?
I was looking up the plotline on wikipidea but it was very hard to follow, and seeing as I am looking into auditioning for Hello Dolly, well I think it might be useful to actually know what happens :) so if someone could just give me the basic main plotline that would be awesome!

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Answer by followpol
It is a complicated plot with a lot of characters. Throughout the story, they are all looking for love, permanent or just for the night. That’s what to story is about. Dolly is Dolly Levi Gallagher, who makes her living “meddling”, mostly matchmaking. She is seeking wife for Horace Vandergelder, a store owner from Yonkers, but it is obvious that she really wants to marry him herself. He is planning to propose to someone else, Irene in New York City. Irene wants to marry but she is not in love with Horace. Horace has two employees, Cornelius and Barnaby. They travel to New York to have a good time. Horace goes to New York to meet up with Irene. Dolly also goes to New York. Much happens. Horace and Dolly eventually end up together.
You didn’t say what part you’re trying for. If you are interested in Hello Dolly, you should check out this website, broadwaymusicalhome.come/shows/hellodollyhtp.

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What are the hotels closest to the main entrance to Disneyland that is not a Disneyland hotel?

Question by Catherine: What are the hotels closest to the main entrance to Disneyland that is not a Disneyland hotel?
I would like to book a nice hotel (not one of the official Disney hotels) that is close as possible (walking distance) to the Main Entrance.
Thank You

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Answer by Flatpaw
There are nothing but hotels right outside Disneyland, and even if they aren’t walking distance, they all have a free shuttle to take you.

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Hotel Mario: All Main Cut Scenes

All of the hilariously bad cut scenes from the infamous game Hotel Mario. This does NOT include the hidden cut scenes such as the toaster one. Sheesh.
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Disney Suites - Disneyland Hotel

California travel expert Veronica Hill of www.CaliforniaTravelExpert.com takes you on a private tour of three luxury Disney Suites in this episode of “California Travel Tips.” If you really want to splurge on your next Disneyland vacation, consider booking one of these two Disneyland suites. Located inside the Disneyland Hotel, one of the three closest hotels near Disneyland, the Mickey Mouse Disney Suite offers 1600 square feet of luxury. Whimsical touches abound, from the rare Disney sketches in the children’s room, to the colorful tiles in the children’s bath. The Master Bedroom of the Mickey Mouse Penthouse is spacious and chic, with its own private steam shower and Jacuzzi tub. Another great Disney family suite is the Pirates of the Caribbean Suite. I love its Old World style, from the cozy living room with its dark floor and furnishings, to the elegant dining room and wet bar. Down the hall you’ll find the luxurious master suite and children’s room, which boasts two twin beds. The bath inside this Disneyland Presidential Suite continues the Spanish Colonial style. Both Disney 2 bedroom suites are available to book through Disneyland Hotel Reservations. To learn more about these two suites, in addition to the Disneyland Dream Suite, an apartment above Pirates of the Caribbean originally designed for Walt Disney himself, go to CaliforniaTravelExpert.com
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