When do the hotels in Avoriaz open for the winter?

Question by Hayley: When do the hotels in Avoriaz open for the winter?
I have been looking at hotels in Avoriaz to stay for a week from the 10th Dec. But no where is available. Are the hotels even open at that time of year?

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Answer by WISE OWL
They certainly are open. The skiing season proper starts the third week in November, and early December is very popular because the snow is still fresh.
I have checked various places for you and the reason why there in no availability on the week you require is that those hotels are already fully booked.

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Q&A: What hotels have rooms with a view of Disneyland?

Question by Joe S: What hotels have rooms with a view of Disneyland?
Besides the hotels at Disneyland itself, which hotels have a view of the park? We are particularly interested in seeing the fireworks from our room. A balcony would be a plus. We are traveling with our daughter and just can’t afford the high rates at the Disney hotels. Any ideas?

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Answer by OC1999
One would be the Hilton Anaheim, this one is located at the Anaheim Convention Center. You would need to get a Disneyland facing(north?) room on an upper floor. Now, unfortunately this hotel can be at the same price level as the Disneyland Hotels, so there will really not be much of a cost savings. Other Motels/Hotels in the area will either not be tall enough, they don’t have rooms facing Disneyland, or they will have things blocking the view.

If you want to see the fireworks but don’t want to deal with the crowds IN the park. You can also see them very well from the Esplanade between Disneyland and California Adventure. You can also see them quite well from many parts of Downtown Disney. If you are in the park you can see them from various areas of the park, and also hear the soundtrack to the firework show.

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hotels in maldives

hotels in maldives

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This hotel is peacefully situated in the traditional area called Ladadika, only 100 metres from the harbour and near to the heart of the city’s trade centre. The hotel staff are waiting to offer their guests the famous Greek hospitality, a friendly and helpful service and to cover the needs of the most discerning traveller. Housing warmly decorated, comfortable and contemporary accommodation, the hotel also offers a stylish bar, free wireless internet access throughout the building and modern meeting amenities. Such a convenient location allows easy transfers and connections to all of the parts of Thessaloniki, with immediate access to the shopping centres, nightlife spots and the famous Greek tavernas. This hotel makes for the best and ideal choice for your accommodation in this literally wonderful city.

What are some hotels that are regional only for michigan?

Question by Ms. Avery: What are some hotels that are regional only for michigan?
I’m looking for hotels near Detroit, or Plymouth that are not national chains, possibly only local or regional.

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Answer by mixingbluegreen
On hotels.com, I found a couple, but not many, hotels in Detroit that are not national chains, such as the Motor City Casino. I hope this helps at least a little.


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What are some good hotels on the outskirts of Galveston?

Question by Lenneth: What are some good hotels on the outskirts of Galveston?
I am planning on staying down in Galveston for two nights and I am a tight budget. Where are some good hotels that are close to Galveston but aren’t expensive.

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Answer by Caveat Lector
I like the Marriott Courtyard myself. Always found them reasonable. But… whenever travelling and I don’t know a city, I look up to watch where the aircraft are landing, head that way and find a place close to the airport.

They always have competitive rates because there is so much competition, the accommodations are usually above average, and the food is always great. They all compete for repeat business travellers.

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