Where can I go to find cool games of different themes?

Question by howardhaines3tryme: Where can I go to find cool games of different themes?
I’m addicted to computer games. I like play all kinds of games as long as they’re interesting.
Where can I go to find cool games of different topics?

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Answer by nerdseyeview
Hum if you haven’t tried www.addictinggames.com Then you better go check it out. there games are semi-good quality and the are all on-line and no download need.
or you can go right to the makers of the games like Armorgames.com

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What are some good video games to play with lots of people that include girls?

Question by Chad: What are some good video games to play with lots of people that include girls?
Games in Wii, Xbox 360, and PS2 especially
I meant that the group is including the girls. I wasn’t asking for games with girls in them.

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Answer by andrew
lol…I know some girls who play Call of Duty, and Skyrim when they’re not in the kitchen. :)

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Clippers beat Suns, 103-77, to extend winning streak to 13 games

Clippers beat Suns, 103-77, to extend winning streak to 13 games
PHOENIX — The Clippers' winning streak took on new meaning. Not only did the Clippers extend their franchise-best winning streak to 13 games with a 103-77 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night at US Airways Center, but they won in Phoenix for …
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DeSoto dance teams to perform at bowl games
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What I learned from 21 games on permadeath
So, after years of not touching my PS2, I plugged it up and begin playing all of my games with the rule that if I failed or died on the hardest mode I would quit the game. I did leave out some games that didn't fit well with the formula, such as the …
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NFL Games Boost Nets

NFL Games Boost Nets
The game — where the Seattle Seahawks bested the San Francisco 49ers — had a Nielsen preliminary 5.3 rating/15 share among 18-49ers. This was way down from the 8.7 rating of a week before. Overall, NBC had a 4.6/14 on the Sunday night before the …
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Friends Invited Over to Play Video Games Try to Rob Home at Gunpoint
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SPORTS not included in the Southeast Asian Games next year will not be abandoned by the Philippine Sports Commission. PSC Chair Richie Garcia yesterday assured the national sports associations not represented in the SEAG in Myanmar (Burma) would …
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60 nostalgic DOS games for 286/386/486 – Part 1

ATTENTION: 60 DOS Games Part 2 is now live – check it out through my channel! 60 of my favorite games for DOS from the 286/386/486 era. Music from King’s Bounty: The Legend. Recorded with Dosbox. 0:00 Abrams Battle Tank 0:06 Another World 0:19 Arkanoid 0:22 Arkanoid 2 0:24 Battle Chess 0:30 Budokan: Martial Spirit 0:36 Alley Cat 0:43 Catacomb Abyss 0:48 Civilization 0:51 Crime Wave 0:57 Cycles International Grand Prix Racing 1:03 Dangerous Dave 2 1:20 Doom 1:08 Demon Stalkers 1:15 Digger 1:26 Death Track 1:34 David Wolf – Secret Agent 1:41 Eden Blues 1:44 Tongue of the Fatman 1:50 Golden Axe 1:58 Goody 2:04 Grand Prix 2:11 Hexen 2:18 Indianapolis 500 2:22 World Cup Soccer ’90 (Italia ’90) 2:28 King’s Bounty 2:34 Lemmings 2:36 Lemmings 2: The Tribes 2:39 LHX Attack Chopper 2:46 Livinstone I Presume 2:51 Mortal Kombat 2:54 Mortal Kombat 2 2:57 Metal Mutant 3:01 The Secret of Monkey Island 2:38 Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck’s Revenge 3:11 Mechwarrior 3:14 Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs 3:19 Overkill 3:24 Paratrooper 3:30 Prehistoric 2 3:35 Prince of Persia 3:37 Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame 3:42 Airborne Ranger 3:45 F29 Retaliator 3:50 Rick Dangerous 2 3:54 Risky Woods 3:56 Ski or Die 4:00 Shadow Knights 4:03 Sokoban 4:07 Stormlord 4:11 Stunts 4:17 Su 25 Stormovik 4:23 Tapper 4:26 Test Drive 4:32 Test Drive 2: The Duel 4:37 Test Drive 3: The Passion 4:43 Thexder 4:48 Tower Toppler 4:53 Wolfenstein 3D 4:58 Xenon 2 Megablast
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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