Q&A: What hotels have rooms with a view of Disneyland?

Question by Joe S: What hotels have rooms with a view of Disneyland?
Besides the hotels at Disneyland itself, which hotels have a view of the park? We are particularly interested in seeing the fireworks from our room. A balcony would be a plus. We are traveling with our daughter and just can’t afford the high rates at the Disney hotels. Any ideas?

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Answer by OC1999
One would be the Hilton Anaheim, this one is located at the Anaheim Convention Center. You would need to get a Disneyland facing(north?) room on an upper floor. Now, unfortunately this hotel can be at the same price level as the Disneyland Hotels, so there will really not be much of a cost savings. Other Motels/Hotels in the area will either not be tall enough, they don’t have rooms facing Disneyland, or they will have things blocking the view.

If you want to see the fireworks but don’t want to deal with the crowds IN the park. You can also see them very well from the Esplanade between Disneyland and California Adventure. You can also see them quite well from many parts of Downtown Disney. If you are in the park you can see them from various areas of the park, and also hear the soundtrack to the firework show.

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  1. the best hotels are the ones located along Harbor in my opinion because the entrance to disneyland is on Harbor blvd.


    Here are some choices but the fireworks go up so high that it doesn’t matter what hotel you stay at u’ll be able to see them. My aunt, who lives about 10 minutes down the street from Disneyland, has a front row seat every night. What matters is that you get a room facing in the direction of the park.

  2. There are many budget inns that cater to families along Harbor Blvd and also on Katella. However, the inns and hotels along Katella are best if you’re attending events at the convention center. Harbor Blvd is directly across from the Disney Main Entrance gate and best for seeing the Disney parks. While there are shuttles from/to the Katella Blvd inns, if you’ve got a stroller to deal with it can be cumbersome. If you walk, even though, the places along Katella will say they are across from Disneyland, what they don’t mention is that you’re in for a 2-3 block walk around the corner, to get to the entrance of the Disney parks.

    I’m a passholder, and though I live about a 25-30 minute drive from the Disney resort, once per year I stay 3-4 nights, and do both parks as well as see a few concerts at Honda Center and The House Of Blues or The Grove. I have stayed and recommend:

    The Carousel Inn and Suites- You can watch the fireworks from the rooftop pool deck

    Howard Johnson- This hotel has proper, private balconies avail. But not all face the parks

    Anaheim Desert Inn And Suites- This is a very good value for larger families that need a suite at a reasonable price

    Best Western Anaheim Inn- The only thing I didn’t like about this place, is the microscopic parking lot. The parking is Very Tight here. But like most Best Westerns, it doesn’t disappoint, and the Denny’s next door is convenient for breakfast and late night snacks.

    Candy Cane Inn

    One place I have not stayed at, but is known as having the cheapest rates and caters to families is the Park Vue Inn- This place has a “hit or miss” reputation people seem to either love it or are disappointed by it. This is the closest inn to the Disney Main Entrance Gate, they are situated directly opposite the gate. But really, all the places I’ve mentioned are a 5-6 minute walk from the main gate.

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