In Orlando can you use other hotels facilities or only the hotel you are staying in?

Question by KJLS: In Orlando can you use other hotels facilities or only the hotel you are staying in?
We are visiting Orlando in June and staying on International drive in one of the cheaper hotels. Is it acceptable to visit other nearby hotels and use their pools, restaurants etc? Or not?
It may seem cheeky but we have asked before on various holidays and they have usually welcomed us.

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Answer by luvrats
If you are staying at Disney World, you can use any of their pools and facilities. If you are staying in a regular hotel — no, I think it’s frowned on, in fact, most hotels would kick you out of their pools. The restaurants and spas might be open to the public.

Have fun!

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  1. In general hotels only offer their ‘free’ amenities, such as the pool, to paying guest. You are always welcome to use anything where you will be paying out money, such as restaurants.

    The previous poster who said that you can use any Disney pool as a Disney hotel guest is incorrect. I know you are not staying at Disney, but just to clarify, if you are staying at a Disney property you may use any pool at that particular property, however, you are not allowed to move to another Disney hotel and use their pools. The only exception to this rule is the All Star Resorts, where you may use any of the pools at Music, Movie, or Sports.

    But then again, I don’t think the lifeguards at the Disney resorts really check to see who is using their pools anyway!

    Speaking of Disney resorts,If you plan to patronize other hotel restaurants, I recommend that you visit Beaches and Cream at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort and get the ‘Kitchen Sink’ dessert. Make sure you take a hefty appetite and at least 3 friends with you to enjoy this dessert!

  2. Most restaurant hotel/motel restaurants are open to the public, the exception being free buffets for the hotel/motel guest. Pools and other free amenities are only for the guest of the resort.

    The first answer about WDW is incorrect. When staying at a WDW resort you can not use the pools and other free amenities at all the hotels. you can only use the ones for your resort and for its sister resort. IE if staying at one of the all star resorts, you may use the pools at the other 2. If staying at Port Orleans you can use the pools in both sections of the resort. I also believe that the same policy is true for Beach Club and Yacht Club but I am not certain of that.

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