How do hotels track when rooms are cleaned?

Question by T-Bone: How do hotels track when rooms are cleaned?
When a cleaning worker cleans a hotel room how do they notify the check-in staff the room is clean. Is this real time? Is it by floor? How does it work, especially in big hotels?

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Answer by Tutto Bene
Computers, cleaning staff reports cleaned rooms to the front desk and from desk up loads info into system

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  1. Depends on the hotel, but this is one example. At certain times, housekeeping prints out reports which show how many rooms are available and how many rooms will be rented on that day. They then plan out to have the occupied rooms (wether they are leaving that day or not) cleaned. Once the rooms are cleaned, they can call in from the room to their supervisor and let them know the room is ready. The supervisor then changes that status of the room on the computer for all departments to see. OR when the housekeeper returns to the department, the supervisor changes the status of the rooms assigned to that person to clean.

  2. I used to work for housekeeping in a hotel. The front desk notifies housekeeping on a daily basis what rooms are empty but need to be cleaned and what rooms guest will be checking out of that day. As there’s usually a noon check-out time, housekeeping staff works on the already empty rooms and the occupied rooms (for those that want daily cleaning, that is) first. After check out time, housekeeping moves on to the newly vacated rooms, making them ready for the next guests to check in after 4PM (or whenever the check-in time is). Periodically, more detailed cleaning projects are included such as bleaching the bathroom tiles. These are scheduled around room availability.

    Basically, each person in housekeeping is assigned a certain number of rooms to clean each day. If one person finishes their rooms before the end of their shift, they help out the other people to get the rooms done. All rooms need to be cleaned by the end of the shift otherwise fewer rooms are available to be rented out and the hotel can lose money.

  3. i also worked at a comfort inn as a housekeeper. after we finished each room, we would pick up the phone in that room and dial some numbers, like a code to the front desk. simple as that!

  4. I used to work as a room cleaner in a hotel. Every hotel has a checkout time, usually around 11am. Next check in time is usually around 3pm. During those 4 hours, all rooms are cleaned. I had to clean the room and put a hang card on the door knob. I also had a checklist that had to be filled out and then verified by my supervisor as being cleaned. This was many years ago, the checklist and verification system is probably done with computers now.

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