Q&A: I want to open a hotel under the famous franchise Marriott Hotels?

Question by STAR: I want to open a hotel under the famous franchise Marriott Hotels?
I am currently studying Hotel Management. In my home country, I own a building that could be transformed easily into a hotel , with good investing of course. My dream is to make business with Marriott Hotels. It will be the first Marriott Hotel in my country. I am not sure how to start communicating with them or which are the steps in order to find out if this could be a possible dream. And also is there any possibility that Marriott Hotels will like to invest money in the new hotel. Thank you for advices.

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Answer by JoeyV
Just start by filling out their questionnaire.


In general, to be a franchisee for any big chain you need to demoinstrate that you have experience, qualifications like education, and financial resources that do include them. Marriott is not going to finance your franchise. They are goiung to provide you with support while someone else finances it.

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